Watch: Fikile Mbalula MOCKS the EFF, gets blasted


Watch: Fikile Mbalula MOCKS the EFF, gets blasted

The ANC’s Fikile Mbalula has been advised to ‘cleanse his heart’ after he headed online to mock the EFF’s Durban manifesto.

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Former transport minister Fikile Mbalula is as vocal as ever on his favourite social media platform, X. The controversial minister has taken to the app to mock the Economic Freedom Fighters who held their manifesto in Durban over the weekend. Taking to the app, Mbalula gloated with a video that showed the stadium’s stands looking visibly emptier than most of the photos that are circulating on the internet.

His tweet landed him in the bad books of thousands of social media users who haven’t forgotten his Nkandla fire pool confession.



ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula is well known as a troublemaker on social media.

Several times the ex-minister has said things that have upset South Africans who believe that he should professionally conduct himself online.

Despite this, Mbalula continues to ruffle feathers with his tweets.

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On Saturday, the former transport minister headed online to laugh about the EFF’s manifesto after getting hold of a video that shows that the stadium was emptier than depicted in other photos and videos.

“Moses Mabhida mongwaneng (brother)!!!” wrote Mbalula in a tweet.


Mbalula’s tweet did not sit well with social media users who called him out in the comments section. Many told him to focus on the African Nations Congress (ANC) and their endless troubles.

“And, why are we at stage 6 bra Fix What is happening with the gas?” one person asked about load shedding while another commented:

“I never saw SG of EFF so obsessed about your rally like you are. That should show you how other SGs behave. This is so embarrassing from an SG of a ruling party.”


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