WATCH: Gomora’s Lerato Mokoka’s age shocks fans ‘She’s not a teenager’

WATCH: Gomora’s Lerato Mokoka’s age shocks fans ‘She’s not a teenager’

Former ‘Gomora’ actress Lerato Mokoka who played Tshiamo surprised fans after she revealed her age celebrating her birthday.

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Former Gomora actress Lerato Mokoka’s age surprised fans after she revealed it on her birthday.

Lerato Mokoka joined Gomora, playing the role of Tshiamo, a Gomora High School student. On the show, Tshiamo was a young girl in her mid-teens who impressed fans in that role.

Her role left many fans thinking that she was also a teenager in real life, but they were all wrong. Celebrating her birthday, Lerato celebrated her birthday but did not share much.

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She revealed her age, but many fans were surprised she was older than they thought.

“But u look 18🙌❤️” said a fan named of Roseleen Mushangwe.


The talented actress was born on 13 January 1996 and celebrated her 28th birthday. Lerato was born in Rustenburg, North-West, South Africa, but has been living in Pretoria recently.

Lerato had kept her age private for a long time until she revealed it when celebrating her 27th birthday in 2023.

“13.01.23 – year 27 ❤️Thank you for all the birthday wishes. 🎉” she said.


Lerato Mokoka’s role in Gomora was that of a young girl, Tshiamo, who lived with an aged grandmother, Mam Sonto. Her grandmother was a criminal who hijacked cars, corrupted the police and even killed people.

Most of her family members knew well of her grandmother’s deeds, and Tshiamo was the only one who did not know. She was all involved in love triangles with some of her agemates like Teddy, a role played by Sicelo Buthelezi.

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