WATCH: Grand P and Eudoxie Yao are still dating?


WATCH: Grand P and Eudoxie Yao are still dating?

Wealthy musician Grand P and socialite Eudoxie Yao are a couple with a huge difference in height and weight. Eudoxie Yao, the girlfriend of Grand P once revealed that she is not interested in his money but in his love.



In an interview in Ghana on the Prime Morning Show on Joy Prime, she said contrary to rumours, her love for Grand P is genuine and not driven by his financial status.

According to her, Grand P’s generous heart and their shared experiences during challenging times strengthened their bond. She also dismissed claims of being with him for social media attention.


“He’s a man with a big heart, we went through a lot when he was down. With him, I am learning a lot,” Eudoxie indicated.

The lovebirds have been dating since 2019, with intermittent breakups and reconciliations.
Eudoxie remained tight-lipped about the details of their intimate life, labeling it a secret, but did disclose that they were actively planning to tie the knot.

Yao once announced that she broke up with Guinean musician and tycoon Grand P. The singer did not give further details about her relationship status but said she would be focusing on her music. Later, it was rumored that the two were still dating.

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Recently, in an interview, Grand P jokedly said he was never beaten by his wife Yao and expressed how much he loved her.Social media makes observations and concludes that the couple is still dating.

“I have never beaten my wife before,” says Grand P.


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