WATCH: Hungani Ndlovu recently launched his DJ career


WATCH: Hungani Ndlovu recently launched his DJ career

Hungani Ndlovu, a South African actor and performer, has added DJing to his skill set.
This shift piqued the interest of internet users since Hungani is an actor, dancer, and now DJ, making him a jack of all crafts.

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With an increase of South African celebrities launching new companies in order to generate numerous sources of revenue, some celebrities are unlucky.


He is not just a DJ but also a content developer alongside his wife, Stephanie Sandows. They run a YouTube channel titled Ndlovu Uncut, where they discuss their experiences with children, marriage, and everything in between.


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Hungani recently took to Instagram to showcase his DJing skills by posting pictures of him hitting the decks at a gig where he re-introduced himself as DJ Grizi with the caption, “They said, ‘We’ve got a celebrity DJ!’ And I got excited thinking I’m opening for someone else kanti they were talking about me.”

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Instagram users took to the comment section to congratulate the actor on his new venture, saying, “I love how you literally fit and suit every cab you wear. Let’s put together a whole bash now.

“You are the best at what you do Hungani! You embody Col 3:23 through and through.”

“Knowing how you dance, I believe BPM it’s on 190.”

“Hustling HARD, ” adding fire emojis which usually mean that it’s going to be lit.


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