Watch: Jojo Skhothini and Sully Muhulu Dance

Watch: Jojo Skhothini and Sully Muhulu Dance

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After the interview, Sangoma Gogo Skhotheni and gospel musician Solly Moholo left fans laughing with their funny dancing.

Solly Moholo and Gogo Skhotheni’s dance left many fans laughing as it went viral on Instagram. Gogo Skhotheni remains one of the most popular sangomas and reality TV stars in South Africa, with many followers. Conversely, Solly Moholo is a legendary gospel musician who has been making hits for many years.

The two sat down to discuss issues during an interview at The Venting Podcast, and Solly revealed much. Speaking to Gogo Skhotheni, Solly told how much depression he went through when he could not find gigs. He also said he reached a point where he wanted to take his life.

Solly said he wanted to eat Rattex, a rat poison and also tried to borrow a gun to shoot himself.

“I wanted to eat Rattex. I once saw these other guys and wanted them to lend me a gun to shoot myself. It was hard.”


After a lengthy interview, Gogo Skhotheni and Solly Moholo enjoyed themselves dancing. Gogo Skhotheni was so happy to speak to the legendary gospel musician.

Interviewing the legend Ntate Solly Moholo has taught me to appreciate life and be grateful his such an amazing person,please don’t forget to subscribe we are dropping tomorrow at 13:00pm on @the_venting_podcast” she said.

The two stars used their right shoulders when dancing, shaking them up and down before Solly changed the style. They later finished dancing, moving sideways, and that was the move fans loved.

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After Gogo Skhotheni shared a video dancing with Solly Moholo, many fans loved their humour.

Ra Lwandle “People are laughing 😢This is not something to laugh about, we all go through something and if you haven’t got to a stage whereby you wanted to commit suicide consider yourself lucky”

Inno Matijane “The last part of the dance 😭

miss_rantjelebane “I love that man with all my heart his music healed my soul, and helped me overcome suicide❤️”

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