WATCH: Kefilwe Mabote’s money questioned after video driving a Lamborghini surfaced


WATCH: Kefilwe Mabote’s money questioned after video driving a Lamborghini surfaced

Popular South African content creator Kefilwe Mabote is trending after sharing a video driving one of her expensive cars, fashion, and lifestyle!

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The influencer knows well how to trend, and her content has often implicated her private life into the equation.


She has been winning big since her thrust into the limelight, but she has had her fair share of drama, just like those before her. Kefilwe Mabote set social media abuzz after she shared a video driving her Lamborghini.


Against the post, Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots on her income streams, giving her a lavish life on a silver platter. Over the years, she has splurged millions on her life of glitz and glamour.

She has furnished her craze for exotic cars with the world’s finest, from a sleek Porsche to a Bentley.

Mzansi was puzzled by how Kefilwe Mabote bought cars at such short intervals. In 2023, she bought an R2 million Bentley. Her purchase came a few months after she splurged around R4 million on Porsche.

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Against the now-viral video, an X user asked, “Where does she work? Coz she buys cars every month.” The other user added, “What does this girl do for a living? She owns a Lamborghini, Bentley, and Porsches .”

However, despite being one of the most criticized influencers, Kefilwe has cashed in from her illustrious career that spans for years. Over the years, she has worked with big companies in fashion and automobiles.


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