WATCH: Lady Zamar to drop documentary on her 5 year hiatus


WATCH: Lady Zamar to drop documentary on her 5 year hiatus

The highly talented Lady Zamar has made her much-awaited return after a five-year hiatus and did not come back empty-handed.

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Marking her return she recently launched her brand-new album Rainbow at Cofi Midrand this past Friday.


The singer explained that she needed to take at the launch she spoke about why she needed to take a break from the limelight, adding that it was essential for her to recover from an operation.

“I spent a lot of 2020 in hospital and in 2021, I spent it trying to regain my voice because it’s scary when you’re going into an operation, and you can’t sing anything or make a sound.”

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Another reason why is due to the constant noise and praise received from fans while starting to do well in life. She explained that when artists get praised and put on a pedestal it is likely that it will go to one’s head.

“You need to unplug and remember who you are, where you come from and who is important to you,” she added.

Meanwhile, the latest album is not the only thing fans can be excited about when it comes to her recent return, she later announced that she will soon be releasing a documentary which will grant fans and up close and personal view into her life.

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“People don’t really know me. I’m a private person and I never speak on my personal life. This documentary gives people an overview on how it has been for me for the past couple of years.”



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