WATCH: MacG declines R19 million offer to sell ‘Podcast and Chill’


WATCH: MacG declines R19 million offer to sell ‘Podcast and Chill’

Podcaster and former 947 presenter MacG says he was offered $1 miilon for the ownership of his Podcast and Chill Network.

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South Africa’s number one podcaster MacGyver Mukhwevho, better known as MacG, refuses to sell his podcast network. Well, at least not for $1 million (about R19 million).


During the Podcast and Chill episode on Monday, the DJ revealed to his co-hosts (Sol Phenduka and the Ghost Lady) that he was offered $1 miilon to by an American company. However, MacG says he declined the offer because he feels his podcast is worth more than that.


The businessman further said that he enjoys the freedom and independence he has on his podcast as he is not censored by anyone.

“It’s nice being independent… I’m afraid of being captured,” he said.

Asked by Ghost Lady what the perfect deal would be, he said: “[The perfect deal would be] where they give us $1 million, but we still do what we want to do.

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“Regardless of the amount, as long as we can still do what we want to do. Because there’s nothing worse than selling the network to this company and when we come here [to the studio] we are told ‘hey, you can’t drink on the show. Hey, you can’t say this’ because they are politically affiliated to whatever… It just kills the whole reason of us doing this.

“The independent freedom that I’ve experienced with the podcast is not for sale, for me,” Mac G explained.


MacG set tongues wagging on social media after criticising Tyla’s Grammy award win in the same episode.

The Hwiralang DJ implied that the singer was not as talented as singer and songwriter Msaki. He further said that the Water hitmaker was where she was because she had a hardworking team.

“Shoutout to Tyla’s team. What they are doing with Tyla is amazing. Imagine if they were working for someone who is really talented what they could do?” he said.


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