WATCH: Makhadzi Bey went to school to teach English


WATCH: Makhadzi Bey went to school to teach English

Makhadzi took to her Instagram page and shared a picture of herself in a school uniform. In the caption She thanked Dj Tira and Heavy K for taking her to school to learn English. Fans were in stitches by this because people often make fun of her English.

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People commented on the post and said that they love that Makhadzi uses the hate that she receives for her English and turn it into something positive and does not let the haters rule her. People said that they love how Makhadzi posts the wrong spelling intentionally to make people laugh. Fans also said that Makhadzi speaks better than the real English speakers. People also wondered if they will be getting new music from Makhadzi, Dj Tira and Heavy K.


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Social media reacts to Makhadzi’s post


I don’t think you need to learn English, just activate autocorrect on your phone like millions of us who claim we know English… #LanguageEvolution


Please sign up for extra lessons as well! 🥹


Seems like you haven’t learnt 😂😂 , we can offer extra class after school 😂😂


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