WATCH: Milicent Makhado discovers her husband cheated

WATCH: Milicent Makhado discovers her husband cheated

Milicent Makhado, also known as Agness from Muvhango, has revealed that she found her husband had fathered a child with a different woman. She claims that around this time, she was hoping to have more kids with her husband, according to ZiMoja.

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Although the former Muvhango actress is a strong woman, she admitted that she is not strong enough to handle this situation alone. She does not want to cause pain to the other woman involved in the situation.In a post on social media, she wrote:

“I know you guys were praying for me to have more kids, some even thought I will have twins, but God refused. Unfortunately, a beautiful baby boy was conceived behind my marriage back, turning 1 in April. I found out yesterday.God knew I will need a shoulder to cry on today. He made sure I was not alone, today was the worst day of my life. I don’t know what would have happened if I was alone,”  she wrote

She added that since it takes two to tango, the other women were not at blame. Although Milicent claims to be powerful in general, she was defeated by this circumstance.

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“Yes, I am very strong but even the other woman is strong. I speak also for the lady who is involved in this situation. She is an amazing woman who doesn’t deserve this pain. She gave birth to a beautiful innocent baby who needs both parents and all our love and support.”

She added that she wanted to use her platform to correct the stereotype of blaming the other woman. “I cannot die alone and also kill another woman. Gone are the days of fighting other women for a man,” she added.

She also hinted that she would have liked for her husband, whom she shares a son with, to have been honest with her and the other woman if he wanted a polygamous marriage.”If he wants us both, he must be honest and allow women to agree or disagree, then make a decision after that,”

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