WATCH: Nadine on reported breakup with Derick Hougaard?


WATCH: Nadine on reported breakup with Derick Hougaard?

Nadine recently took to her Facebook account to break her silence around the alleged end of her and Derick Hougaard’s relationship.

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Nadine Hoffeldt has hinted on her social media that she’s heartbroken that she and retired Springbok Derick Hougaard are no longer together.

Although Hoffeldt didn’t mention Hougaard’s name on her Facebook on Sunday, 18 February, her fans predicted she was referring to him.


The singer hinted she didn’t get a phone call regarding latest reports about her reported breakup.


“Some Sundays you drive around traffic lights where you can buy printed media. I didn’t get a call. I was not asked. I just stop next to an aunt and then read along.”


“The hole in one’s heart is meant for soft eyes. Shared hurt is not less hurt. and your heart feels what it feels.”

She added that everyone has broken pieces that they tie together with time and experience.

“We all have broken pieces that we tie together with time and experience. Some’s patchwork takes longer. Maybe we are only done when we greet this world one day. Be kind to one another. Be gentle.

“Next to a sick bed you remember the value of life that you never forget again. And then you crave to be able to speak eternal life. And hope is not lacking. In a world where you can be anything, be kind,” she concluded.

Nuusflits reported on Sunday, 18 February that the singer allegedly broke up with the former Springboks and Bull flyhalf because he was “dependent” on her.



TshisaLIVE reported in July 2023 that Nadine Hoffeldt and Derick Hougaard have been in an on-and-off relationship since 2018.

The singer and rugby star made headlines in 2023 when she stood by him after she found him unconscious in his flat.

“I have Nádine to thank for my life. She came home and saw that I was still sleeping, which is unusual for me,” he told Jacaranda FM.

The former flyhalf was admitted to a Pretoria hospital after experiencing breathing problems.

A source from The Citizen, who preferred to remain anonymous, also revealed in February 2022 that it looked like the pair were over for good.


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