Watch: Nolo Seabi opens up about life after getting a breast reduction


Watch: Nolo Seabi opens up about life after getting a breast reduction

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Nolo Seabi discusses her life following a breast reduction. Her aim is for every woman to feel the same way she does right now, she says.


She’s always had the perfect hour-glass form, but her tiny build made having huge breasts difficult, if not unpleasant.

Nolo Seabi now feels lighter and more liberated than ever after undergoing breast reduction surgery, which resulted in a couple of bra cup sizes reduction. “I was between E and F and am now a B-cup size,” she says.


Many women face bodyshaming for all sorts of reasons, and when she sits down for an interview with Drum to talk about her new operation and the amazing job she’s doing playing a character who’s so different from her real-life persona, Nolo opens up about what made her resolve to have the major op.

“People had no influence on my decision; it was more about how it challenged me and gave me problems than anything else,” she explains.

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Clarifying that she chose to undergo a reduction not because she was humiliated or bullied, but because it was physically difficult to wear sizes E and F, which are often not widely available in stores and cost more than smaller-sized bras.

“People’s opinions about breasts weren’t necessarily why I wanted to do it, and people didn’t necessarily judge my breasts negatively,” Nolo explains.

“But they’d be well aware, and would make me aware that they are aware, that I have a big butt.” My breasts have been called melons and other derogatory insults, but never in a humiliating way.”

She does concede that, because she is very confident, she never took anyone’s opinions on her appearance to heart. “The comments can come off the wrong way for other people who are not as strong-headed as I am.”

Nolo shares about her experience because she wants other women with large breasts to find comfort in knowing that there are people who understand what they are going through. If she could afford to, she says, she would give money to anyone who wanted to get a breast reduction.

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“Everyone around you may say you don’t need a breast reduction, but the truth is that only you know what you go through every day.” It is also acceptable to desire a breast reduction. Nobody will comprehend your pain and the disappointments you experience every day,” she says.

“Also, take comfort in knowing that there is someone else out there who understands what you are going through and, hopefully, would like to have a breast reduction done soon.” I want I could assist others, I wish I could provide money to everyone who needs a breast reduction, but I honestly can’t, but I wish I could.”

The actress who plays Seipati on Scandal says she is excited that she can now do all the things she wants to do without her breasts getting in her way.

“It is something I have wanted to do for years, since I was very young, and the fact that it has come to pass has completely changed my world.” Everything has changed for me. I’m looking forward to not having to deal with the difficulties that I did. “

“Clothes will fit better, bra pain will be relieved, no more back issues, pins and needles, or migraines, and I will be able to exercise without needing to wear two or three bras for support. I can jump up and down and do all of my professional antics without worrying about my breasts getting in the way. “I am overjoyed.”

Nolo plays a very quiet and reserved character on Scandal, someone very different from herself, and she says it has been nothing but a joy.

“It’s been a lot of fun and excitement playing Seipati.” It’s been a wild ride, with so many problems that she’s experienced that I’ve never faced before in my life.


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