WATCH: Nonhle Thema talks about her downfall “I thought everyone loved me”


WATCH: Nonhle Thema talks about her downfall “I thought everyone loved me”

Nonhle Thema thought everyone liked her but her fall opened her eyes to reality. Nonhle Thema says God saved her by shutting the doors against her in the entertainment industry.

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In a recent episode of Hazel’s podcast, the media personality opened up about her fall and what caused it.
God shut the doors for me in the entertainment industry, where things were taken, contracts that people had given me and all those things that were worldly. At the first though of it, I was like God why why, but it was God saving me.

Nonhle says she was too young to understand all she experienced back then as she thought everyone liked her, she didn’t know she had enemies undercover. In 2023, Nonhle opened up on Unfollowed show about how she caused her downfall.
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She called herself a monster, as she fought with people and lost deals.

“It was a battle of myself, my ego, my pride. I lost sense of who God was in my life because now I found myself fighting people. It was for respect. I thought this was the only way that I could get this respect, because I needed to step up and have people fear me, it was as if I could not even put my phone down.

I couldn’t be anywhere and be present with people. I was so consumed with what everything and everyone was always saying because of my ego. The ego was running with me,” she said.

“I was so full of myself, I was so self-absorbed at that time. I was such a horrible person. I became a monster right in front of myself, in front of the world. I lost a lot of endorsements, and that means I kind of lost money, maybe 10-million in one go. I lost a lot of money.




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