WATCH: Ntsiki Mazwai slams Tol Ass Mo’s apology to black women


WATCH: Ntsiki Mazwai slams Tol Ass Mo’s apology to black women

‘He made people attack me’: Ntsiki Mazwai will not be accepting an apology from a seemingly remorseful Tol Ass Mo anytime soon.

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Last year, South African comedian Tol Ass Mo – real name Mongezi Mahlangu – shocked social media users after revealing that he and his wife Mome had separated and are headed for divorce. The reality TV star also made some shocking comments about never dating black women again and was later spotted with a mystery woman.

Months later, the pair confirmed their reunion in a touching Instagram post. And now he has headed online to share an apology with all black women.


His apology has been slammed by activist and poet Ntsiki Mazwai who claims that he tried to turn people against her with lies.


South Africans were taken aback after hearing what local comedian Tol A$$ Mo — real name Mongezi Mahlangu — had to say about his wife Mome Mahlangu in a podcast interview.

The comedian revealed that the pair were headed for divorce while adding how done he was with all black women.

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Just a couple of months later, and the two have reconciled.

The news was confirmed by Tol Ass Mo who took to Instagram to thank God for reuniting them while adding that they will be together forever.

“We have had so many up and downs, but Love conquers all I’m so blessed to have you back in my life I’m truly grateful for Gods mercy upon our marriage. Till death do us part forever and always love you #mahlanguville,” he captioned a photo of the two of them together.

This week, he has headed online to share a lengthy apology letter with all black women for the comments he made while he was separated from Mome.

Take a look at his apology below:


One of the many people who read his apology, Ntsiki Mazwai, says she is not in a forgiving mood. Replying to the letter, she claimed that Tol Ass Mo spread lies about her.

“This man went around to podcasts LYING about me. And he made people attack me for his LIES. I will never forget,” she wrote.

In the comment section, fans shared their thoughts about the letter and the matter between Ntsiki and the comedian.

“We don’t sue enough in this country. He needs to apologise to you personally. What these men don’t realise is YOU have to live with the smear campaign after they’ve constantly insulted them and their fans latch onto the bullying,” one person said while another wrote:

“He’s a narcissist. His apologies are fake.”


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