Watch: Petty Betty? Anele Mdoda demands R5 parking change in X rant

Watch: Petty Betty? Anele Mdoda demands R5 parking change in X rant

947’s Anele Mdoda has gone from splurging R16k on a bottle of tequila to accusing a mall of ‘scamming’ her over R5 parking change…


Anele Mdoda has been labelled a “Petty Betty” after she called out a Jozi mall’s parking machine for refusing to give her her change.

The 947 presenter claimed she stood her ground until she was given her coins. The hilarious revelation comes days after the media personality confessed to accidentally splurging R16 000 on a bottle of tequila.


In a tweet on Monday, 29 January, Anele Mdoda had her X followers amused at her latest ramblings.

She tweeted: “This mall thinks I’m going to let them keep my R5 that the parking machine didnt pay me. I’m going to wait here until someone brings it.

She added: “Tired of being scammed.”

When one follower told her to “let it go,” Anele responded: “Nah, not me. Imma wait for my money”.

Anele hilariously retweeted posts calling her “cheap” and a “Petty Betty.”


Meanwhile, followers of Anele Mdoda believe her focus on her finances is likely due to her overspending during the festive season.

In a clip during her breakfast show on 947, the media personality revealed she had accidentally splurged her holiday budget on a night.

She said: “This bill comes, it’s a fancy club, so they bring it on iPads… I can see there are three things written on this bill… but why is this bill saying R20 000?”.

The big spend was over two bottles of champagne and a 1942 R16 000 bottle of Don Julio tequila.

She added: “I think if a bottle of anything costs R16 000 when we order it, you must tell me the price. I lost it with this waitress.”

Anele ultimately had the last laugh, though, when Don Julio sent her a personalised bottle of their tequila.

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