WATCH: Shoki Mmola on life as a mom and being a sangoma


WATCH: Shoki Mmola on life as a mom and being a sangoma

Shoki Mmola, a veteran actress, discusses how she balances her calling with her job. Despite the fact that it does not appear to be an easy existence, Shoki says it is one she has learned to accept.

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Despite her hard career and recent divorce from her reportedly violent ex-husband, actor Sello Sebotsane, the Skeem Saam actress who plays Celia is overjoyed to be a practicing sangoma. Shoki tells Move! that she has recently graduated as a qualified traditional healer, which means she can now issue illness notes to anyone she consults with.

“I’m practicing full-time, and I have qualified to give people sick notes. Anyone that comes to me is registered as a traditional healer. It was quite an achievement,” she excitedly reveals.


She is the first to point out that her work as a sangoma has no working hours, but she assures that she manages just fine.

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“I sacrifice sleep. When someone calls and needs you, you have to work. Lack some sleep and take a lot vitamins,” she explains.

When asked about her celeb status and being a sangoma, Shoki admits that she was worried that it would have a negative impact on her practice.

“I thought no one would take me seriously because now it’s becoming a celeb trend. I was born into this. It was given out of love, and I would do right by it,” she says.

The actress claims she is not a celebrity sangoma since she did not respond to her calling because it was a fashion trend. The mother of two is hesitant to be labeled as a single mother.

“I’m not a single mom,” she insists firmly. “I want my lovely daughters to look at me and see a great mom,” she continues.

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Shoki tells us that despite caring for her girls, a rigorous acting profession, and being on call as a sangoma, she manages to accomplish it all in the 24 hours we all have.Lastly, the actress revealed that she is also good at preaching; she was born a preacher, and thank God she is enjoying the life of being a mom, sangoma, and church person.

I was raised in a home of faith, I can call myself a pastor (laughing) , I know how to preach, and most importantly, I give thanks to God for my gifts, which I always wish to showcase both on and off screen.


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