WATCH: Thembi Seete’s secrets to looking radiant


WATCH: Thembi Seete’s secrets to looking radiant

Thembi Seete’s youthful looks have always been a wonder to her fans. Here’s how she keeps herself looking radiant…

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Thembi Seete is still as timeless as ever and a South African gem. The actress and musician celebrated her 46th birthday last but doesn’t look a day over 30. Her good looks have baffled many social media users for years, and they just can’t help but wonder what her secret is.

The Gomora actress often finds herself trending as social media users discuss how great she looks. The star recently revealed how she manages to age as gracefully as she does.



Not everyone ages like fine wine but local media personality Thembi Seete does. The South African entertainer is well over 40 but looks as young as ever.

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Thembi is often trending on social media as South Africans praise her for taking such wonderful care of herself.

Many also asked what fountain of youth she was drinking from because she is truly one of a kind.

The star has also managed to stay scandal-free after all these years – something many celebs can’t say they’ve done.

The actress recently shared with TshisaLive what her secret to looking great is. According to her, she eats well and gets enough rest.

“It’s a matter of enjoying your inner youth and taking care of yourself by eating healthily and getting enough rest,” she told the publication.

She also advised ladies — and gents who wear makeup — not to go to bed with the products on your skin.

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The star also revealed that she visits skin clinics which helps keep her skin firm and youthful.

According to the mom of one, the treatments help to make her face look radiant.

Aside from that, she also dabbled in non-surgical rhinoplasty to fix her nose, and laser treatment to remove her dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN) marks.


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