WATCH: Tyla gives BLACKPINK’s Lisa a sneak peek at her upcoming album


WATCH: Tyla gives BLACKPINK’s Lisa a sneak peek at her upcoming album

In a now viral clip, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and South African sensation Tyla forged an unexpected alliance in the studio.



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In a delightful turn of events for K-pop enthusiasts and music aficionados alike, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and South African sensation Tyla seem to be cooking up something exciting in the studio.



The duo’s recent rendezvous at Tyla’s private listening session has sent waves of anticipation through the music industry. It hints at a potential collaboration that has fans on the edge of their seats.

The saga began when Lisa, known for her impeccable dance moves and magnetic stage presence, was spotted attending Tyla’s exclusive preview of her upcoming album as reported by Pink Villa.


As the first to get a sneak peek into Tyla’s musical masterpiece, Lisa’s presence at the event sparked immediate curiosity.

What ensued was nothing short of magic as the two artists vibed to tunes. This moment was captured in a snippet shared on social media.

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In the snippet, Lisa and the South African beauty are seen immersed in the music, sharing smiles and laughter as they groove to the beats.


Lisa’s infectious energy and Tyla’s soulful melodies blended seamlessly, setting the stage for a collaboration that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

The video circulated across platforms and fans couldn’t help but speculate about the possibility of a joint project between these powerhouse performers according to Times News Now.

Adding fuel to the already blazing fire of excitement, Tyla took to her Instagram story to drop a tantalizing hint.


In a candid moment captured on camera, Lisa and Tyla exuded pure joy. This interaction hinted at the budding friendship between the two.

The caption accompanying the post sends fans into a frenzy. Tyla teased, “🤍 Sweetest girl, played her some of my favourite songs on the album. A LISA x TYLA collab down the line 🤍”

With these words, Tyla ignited speculation and excitement among fans. This left them eagerly awaiting further details about the potential collaboration.


Tyla, whose meteoric rise to fame with hits like Water has captivated audiences worldwide. It brought her unique flair to the table.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s global appeal and undeniable talent have solidified her status as one of the most influential figures in the music industry.

Together, they represent a dynamic fusion of cultures and sounds. Having them work together, can lead to a collaboration that transcends borders and genres.


As the release date for Tyla’s album draws near, all eyes are on Lisa and Tyla, eagerly awaiting news of their collaborative endeavour.

In a world where music knows no boundaries, the partnership between these two remarkable artists serves as a testament to the unifying power of creativity and friendship.


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