WATCH: Valdo asks his father for R100 to impress a school kid.


WATCH: Valdo asks his father for R100 to impress a school kid.

Musician and dancer Valdo, real name Vivaldo Sithole and his multi-talented father Lindo Sithole are one of South Africa’s most loved father and son duos.

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The pair who have a popular hit called Ntwana-Ntwana are not only popular for their music and dancing abilities but they are also known for their swag.


In a recent video shared by the dotting father on his Instagram page taking his son to school, Valdo asks his dad for a rather interesting thing.

“Daddy, so Friday… there’s a young lady that I want to buy a small gift for, something like chips, a chocolate or a small juice.”

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His dad then proceeded to ask what he wanted him to help with before Valdo responded saying he was asking for R100.

Shocked to hear the amount requested by his son, the Ok’salayo hit-maker asked who the girl was, adding that during his days in primary school, he was given between 20c and 50c to take to school.

His son responded telling him that he is asking many personal questions.

Defeated, Lindo promised to think about his son’s request.


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‏‎تمت مشاركة منشور بواسطة ‏‎Lindo Sithole‎‏ (@‏‎lindough_rsa‎‏)‎‏

Internet users were left amused, with many commenting:

“Lama (these kids born around) 2000 have cool parents shame, when I was his age my mother almost whipped me because I told her the boy from next door wants me be his girlfriend. She was ready to whip the boy too,” said one user.

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Another user wrote, “Ao baba (no dad) stop asking personal questions. You can hear he has it all properly planned out already, just needs that R100 to make things happen.”


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