WATCH: Who was Moses Tembe’s first wife, and did she take her own life?


WATCH: Who was Moses Tembe’s first wife, and did she take her own life?

Durban businessman Moses Tembe, the father of Anele Tembe, has responded to rumours his first wife Lulu took her own life…


Moses Tembe, the father of Anele Tembe, has shot down allegations his first wife, Lulu, took her own life via suicide.

The Durban businessman responded to the allegations in Melinda Ferguson’s book When Love Kills: The Tragic Tale of AKA and Anele.


Three years ago, Anele died after she fell off the 10th-floor balcony of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town. Moments before her death, she had argued with her fiance, AKA real name Kiernan Forbes.

However, Moses has denied that Anele, his youngest daughter, took her own life.

In a leaked letter to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the Tembe family alleges that AKA pushed Anele off the ledge. They also claim that the rapper ignored Anele as she lay dying on the pavement below and instead consumed alcohol with his friends.

AKA died in an assassination on 10 February 2023 in what the public has speculated to be a “revenge” killing.


Speaking on record to Melinda Ferguson, Moses Tembe slammed the “malicious” reports that his first wife, Lulu, had killed herself.

He claims Lulu died after a long illness in 2014 when Anele was just 12 years old.

Moses claims that the rumours of Lulu’s suicide were “planted for nefarious purposes” to imply that his daughter Anele had “inherited suicidal tendencies from her mother.”

Moses Tembe has denied reports his daughter Anele Tembe died by suicide 2

He said: “My first wife died with the whole family gathered around her bedside. The rumour that came out about my first wife committing suicide was a malicious story and only came out from ‘unknown sources’ after Anele died.

“These people were prepared to go to any lengths to create a false narrative”.

Moses – who had three children with Lulu: son Vukile and daughters Anele and Nosipho – later married Princess Ntandoyesizwe, the daughter of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini. Together, they raised their blended family.


Like Moses Tembe, Lulu Msomi Tembe was an entrepreneur and the owner of several businesses.

According to a LinkedIn account, she had studied business administration at the University of Cape Town.

She also had a stint as the Deputy Manager of Local Economic Development in the uMshwathi Municipality.

In pics posted on Facebook, Lulu bears a striking resemblance to her youngest daughter, Anele Tembe.

Tragically, Anele would pass seven years after her mother’s death.


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Meanwhile, Sunday World reports that Anele Tembe’s inquest, which was set to begin last week has been delayed again.

According to the publication, one of the factors behind the delay was the NPA’s alleged failure to submit commissioned affidavits or witness statements to the magistrate. Another was the absence of the new executor of AKA’s estate.

Last year, a scathing leaked letter from Anele Tembe’s family to the NPA made a series of bombshell allegations., reported IOL.

In it, the Tembe family challenged the NPA’s decision not to prosecute anyone, namely Kiernan Forbes. It also alleged how the rapper allegedly threw Anele off the hotel balcony and subsequently covered up her murder.

The letter – issued by the family’s attorneys – also shared their beliefs about what happened during and after Anele’s fatal fall.

This included allegations that AKA:

  • Partied and drank AFTER Anele’s death with a group of friends
  • IGNORED Anele, who was still alive for 20 minutes after the fall
  • Cleaned up blood in the hotel room, possibly concealing an altercation.
  • Made a call to reception for assistance AFTER her fall


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