[Watch]Mandisa or Kelly? Senzo Meyiwa’s ‘spirit’ names mastermind?


[Watch]Mandisa or Kelly? Senzo Meyiwa’s ‘spirit’ names mastermind?

Wife Mandisa Mkhize or mistress Kelly Khumalo? Fans of Senzo Meyiwa are convinced that he has ‘spoken’ in this eerie video…

Did Senzo Meyiwas widow throw shade at Kelly Khumalo


Social media users are convinced that Senzo Meyiwa’s “spirit” was alluding to his mistress Kelly Khumalo – and not his wife Mandisa Mkhize – when asked who ordered an alleged hit on him.

The revelation was made in a spirit box session with US psychic Kandis Starr.  The popular medium claims to have “contacted” the “spirits” of many slain South African celebrities, including AKA Costa Titch and Riky Rick.


Senzo – a popular soccer star – was shot dead on 26 October 2014 at the home of Kelly’s mother.  At the time, the married Orlando Pirates goalkeeper was having an affair with the singer.


In a second session, Kandis Starr claimed that she hoped to clear up any confusion there was on who was allegedly behind the murder of Senzo Meyiwa.

In Meyiwa’s murder trial last week, lead investigator Bongani Gininda alleged that Kelly had been implicated as the mastermind of a hit on her boyfriend.

n the spirit box session, the psychic repeatedly asked her spirit guides and “Senzo Meyiwa” if either his wife Mandisa or his mistress Kelly was involved in his murder.

This was what was heard:

“The other one”

“Is the wh*re…that Kelly…her, Kelly”

“Murder, hit”

“She needs help.”

“Keep low,it’s a set up. Not for money…the darkness.”

“She knows.”

Kelly Khumalo and Mandisa1


Additionally, the “spirit” of Senzo Meyiwa hinted at what transpired on the night of his murder. But much of what was said was left open to interpretation.

A voice heard via the spirit box alluded to the following:

 “Breaking a quarrel”

Was Senzo’s “spirit” referring to a quarrel amongst friends in the Vosloorus home, which included Kelly’s sister Zandie and her then-boyfriend Longwe Twala?

Or was it a quarrel between the alleged armed robbers initially mentioned by Kelly?

“Cleans around him.”

Was this reference directly linked to allegations Kelly Khumalo had the home cleaned after the shooting?


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