“We were lied to”: Mel Viljoen retaliates against Tammy Taylor.


“We were lied to”: Mel Viljoen retaliates against Tammy Taylor.

‘RHOPTA’ star Mel Viljoen released a full statement in response to the allegations levelled against her by Tammy Taylor.

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Real Housewives van Pretoria (RHOPTA) star Melany “Mel” Viljoen has fired back at American nail brand owner Tammy Taylor after she made bombshell accusations against the reality star and her husband, Peet Viljoen.


Tammy Taylor, the owner of the American nail brand Tammy Taylor Nails made bombshell accusations against Mel and Peet Viljoen. The Viljoens own the Tammy Taylor Nails South African franchise.


In an exclusive interview with The South African, Mel Viljoen broke her silence on Tammy’s allegations. She has since taken to Instagram to explain further on her relationship and fallout with Tammy and claimed they were lied to.

Mel explained that her relationship with Tammy began when she was looking for products for her own salon, which she intended on calling Melany’s. She went on to say that Tammy only 20 nail colours and no salons to call her own.

“Our relationship with Tammy Rae Taylor in America began at a time when I was simply looking for products for my own salon. Which would have been called Melany’s. With just 20 nail colours and no salon to call her own, we and Tammy worked hand in hand in building our brand alongside theirs. And Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa was born,” she said.

“Whilst a healthy and friendly personal relationship was cultivated. It was a collaborative effect and Tammy herself strongly encouraged us to use her identity and content, which initially suited our needs as a brand,” she continued.

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Mel went on to explain that she intended on just being an educator but decided to build on the Tammy Taylor brand.

“When I first entered the world of nails, I wanted to be an educator and an educator alone. Peet, my husband wanted to support by endeavors. And together we embarked on a journey that led to the establishment of Melany’s, which later evolved in Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa,” she added saying that Tammy Taylor insisted she use her name.

“However, as our business grew in South Africa, it became an essential for us to adapt our content to resonate with our local audience. As soon as we started creating our content, to reflect the needs of South Africa, she insisted that Tammy stays the face of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa,” she continued.

The RHOPTA star went on to explain that she had invested too much into her brand to change the name now. Take a look…


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This is Mel’s response to the allegations Tammy levelled against her. The American nail brand owner claimed that the Viljoen’s stole her identity and have used her name to sell franchises and products.

“Melany and Peet Viljoen from South Africa have stolen my identity. I’m Tammy Taylor, the CEO and founder of Tammy Taylor Nails since 1983. They’re illegally using my name to sell franchises, they’re counterfeiting and selling my products. They have forged my signature on illegal documents and many more infractions have been documented,” she said.

Tammy went on to claim that she had been threatened, harassed and stalked.

“They are also being deceptive by using my name, my logos, my trademarks, my copyrights on all their social media platforms. I have been threatened, I have been harassed and now I’m being stalked by Melanie and Peet Viljoen’s abuse anymore. I will speak out,” she continued.

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@tammytaylornailsMy Official Statement regarding Melany and Peet Viljoen

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