Well-paid: House of Zwide actor Linda Nxumalo’s salary impresses Mzansi.


Well-paid: House of Zwide actor Linda Nxumalo’s salary impresses Mzansi.

Linda Nxumalo, the South African actor who played Sokalizwe in House of Zwide, has become a household name. People who watch the show like his persona. This has earned him a fan favorite among the women, alongside co-stars Wanda Blaq Zuma and Paballo Mavundla.

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Linda Nxumalo knew that if he stayed in Durban instead of following his dreams, wherever they led him would get him nowhere. The 25-year-old actor moved away from home to pursue his studies and make a career out of his passion. Most people know her as Sokalweze, Ona’s love interest in House of Zwide, but there is more to this actor than meets the eye. So let’s get to know Linda Nxumalo as an actor and person.

Linda was born on 10 June 1997 in KwaZulu Natal in KwaSanti. When he matriculated, the young man decided to enrol at the Durban University of Technology. At the school, Linda took on the chance to pursue a National Diploma in Drama and Production. After graduating from college, Linda moved to Johannesburg in search of better opportunities.


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After he got to Johannesburg, Linda started from very humble beginnings. The actor took on a job as a waiter in a restaurant to make ends meet. While working at the restaurant, Linda Nxumalo joined Star Quality Agents for Stars. They helped him get his debut on-screen role soon after joining them, and it was a role in Isithembiso, which aired on Mzansi Magic.

On House Of Zwide Soka is one of the recurring members of the cast and gets paid handsomely for his role in the telenovela. The actor is rumored to take home an estimate of R40,000 each month. This amount changes from month to month depending on the number of scenes that the actor is featured in. However, for an upcoming actor with not a lot of experience, Linda’s compensation is impressive.

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Before becoming a famous actor, the actor had poor beginnings. After graduating from Varsity, Linda’s first job as a struggling artist was as a waiter. Nonetheless, he was cast in Isithembiso for a small role as a criminal after a few months. He got his first job after joining a good talent management company. House of Zwide is his second and most significant job as an actor thus far in his career.


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