What the law says: Fly CemAir threw Shamiso Mosaka out?


What the law says: Fly CemAir threw Shamiso Mosaka out?

Witnesses who were with Shamiso Mosaka on Fly CemAir flight are criticising the airline. But what does the law say?

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Witnesses on Fly CemAir are defending Shamiso Mosaka. But what does the law say about airlines throwing passengers out?


IOL confirms that TV personality Shamiso Mosaka boarded Fly CemAir flight 5Z 0329 in Durban and was thrown out by police.


Lawful Living reports that it’s a crime to assault or threaten, whether physically or verbally, or behave in a violent manner towards any person, when you are on a plane.

This includes a crew member, if it is likely to endanger the safety or security of an aircraft or anyone on board. It is also a crime to commit any nuisance, or disorderly or indecent act.

The MTV Base media personality trended on Monday after she shared her ordeal with CemAir on her Instagram on Sunday.

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“I was not once vulgar, or inappropriate, or disruptive or disrespectful to anyone on the plane,” she told police in the viral video.

Mosaka also revealed that she would not be getting off the flight unless she was booked on another flight.

Briefly reports that she was forcefully removed after disputes with CemAir flight attendants after she heard her saying the f-word on a phone.

The South African reached out to Shamiso and Fly CemAir for a comment before publishing this article. They were not available for a comment.


Muzi who boarded Fly CemAir with Shamiso Mosaka took to Hello Peter to share that he and his colleagues missed their next flight because of the incident.

“It got worse as we were supposed to connect to Kruger and we missed our flight and when we enquired they told us is not their fault that we delayed.”

“There is nothing they can assist us with. What a bad experience it was Cemair must fall,” he said.

Social media user @Dineo_thulii took to X to respond to CemAir and Shamiso incident and said the f-word is not allowed on any flight.

“Regarding the Shamiso and CemAir incident, the f-word is actually among the words you’re not allowed to say in a flight. So, if you’re a traveler please educate yourself on that,” she posted.


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