Who is Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa? Age, movies, career, profiles, net worth


Who is Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa? Age, movies, career, profiles, net worth

Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa is a multi award winning actress, business woman and TV personality from South Africa. She is the definition of beauty with brains. This is mixed together with her good heart and he uncanny ability to want to help those she empathizes with. Over the years through her trials and tribulations she has proven time and time again that a woman’s strength comes from within.

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Enhle was born to Bongi Mlotshwa, a single mother, on March 3, 1988. As of 2024, her age is 36 years old.She revealed in an interview that she never knew her father and that she always wished for a father figure in her life. However, despite this, she says that her mother has been both mom and dad to her. She has been her rock, and she couldn’t imagine her life without her.

Mbali is a woman of immense intelligence. She studied fashion at the University of Johannesburg. She then went on to study film in Boston. After this, she took a sabbatical from learning to focus on her career. Recently, she studied performance at the Lee Strasbourg Theater and Film Institute in New York. Regardless of her qualifications, she shows no signs of letting up on furthering her education anytime soon.


If a woman can make being pregnant look drop dead gorgeous you know she’s got fashion in her blood. Enhle always looks stylish and beautiful even when she’s just out and about. She prides herself in her fashion sense.Enhle also revealed in an interview that she enjoys wigs. She says that it allows her to enjoy different styles without putting too much strain on her scalp. The versatility of wigs is what she enjoys more than anything else. This love for wigs would explain her shares in Labello Beauty Online.

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Enhle shot to fame due to her debut role in the African murder series called Mtunzini.com. She was only 17 years old at the time but her acting prowess was still evident. This led to her landing her breakthrough role on Tshisa. This led to her being cast on a number of other television series like Inkaba, Soul city, Sokuhulu and partners along with Rockville and 7de laan.

She became the host of the channel O series Young, Gifted and Black in 2018. In the same year she was also cast as the lead for a short film Lace. The film won best film, audience favorite and best actor in the 48 hour film project in Johannesburg to mention but a few. She also earned an International Best Actress award in the Orlando Filmapalooza in 2019.

Besides her acting Mbali has been busy in the fashion industry as well. In 2015 she launched her maternity wear SE Preggoz in South Africa and New York. This earned her a lot of praise within the fashion world as there aren’t that many fashion lines dedicated to pregnant women.

In the midst of everything else, Mbali manages to still care about humanity. She launched her Enhle Cares Foundation at the inaugural Forever Young Gala Dinner. Her organization seeks to help young women and girls in disadvantaged communities. At the same time, Mbali seeks to break down sexism in South Africa with her foundation.

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Enhle Mbali’s children are her two sons, whom she shares with her ex, Black Coffee.The names of the boys are Asante and Anesu. Both sons are in adolescence, and it is believed the fashion designer has full custody of their sons.

Mbali is estimated to be worth $25 million. This is because she has so many different sources of money. Her acting, business endeavors, and fashion lines have earned her numerous accolades and recognition as a formidable force. She thus has a sizable salary to her name.


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