Who killed AKA? AKA’s father claims that he knows information about the murder behind the murder

Who killed AKA? AKA’s father claims that he knows information about the murder behind the murder

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AKA’s father Tony Forbes claims he knows inside information on who is behind his son’s tragic murder a year ago…

This weekend marks the first anniversary since the tragic death of rapper AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes. And while it may seem that the public is no closer to knowing who shot and killed him, his father, Tony Forbes, believes he has a good idea.

Kiernan and friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were gunned down by masked men outside a Durban restaurant on 10 February.

The police have yet to make any arrests.


Speaking on the Within With Hazel podcast, Tony Forbes reflected on his son’s murder and whom he believed was behind him

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In December, Minister of Police Bheki Cele admitted that Kiernan’s killer was “known to him.” According to Tony, the police, and particularly the investigating officer, have been giving them regular updates on their progress.

Tony said of the shooting: “He (AKA) was assassinated. It took planning; it required resources. It definitely wasn’t a random case.

“It was organised. There were people with money who funded it…he was targeted.

Tony claimed that while “significant progress has been made,” the family – and public – have to “let that investigation run its course.”

He added: “I do think we are close. What is the motive? We will only know when it all comes out. I want to be there, and I want to be in that courtroom. I want to understand why they did this. It’s only fair.

“They have two people in custody. But it’s not for me to divulge that. We do not want to jeopardise the progress of the case”.


Meanwhile, Tony Forbes added that AKA’s group of friends who were with him at the time of his shooting are not suspects. In a CCTV clip that went viral, the public named and shamed several pals close to the rapper over their “suspicious body language.”

Tony added: “The police have told us that they have questioned his close friends that were there. There is no evidence that they were involved, and we accept that.”

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