Wiseman Mncube shares his journey of becoming a single parent


Wiseman Mncube shares his journey of becoming a single parent

Wiseman Mncube, who lost his baby mother in 2018, told himself he would be the greatest father he could be to his six-year-old daughter, Lwandle.

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The Uzalo actor discussed the stress and hardships he encounters as a single dad parenting his kid.

Speaking to the Daily Sun recently, Wiseman said, “I made a promise that I’ll do everything in my power to raise Lwandle in a godly and responsible way. I don’t want her to feel that she has one parent. I give her all the love and make it a point to spend my free time with her.”


Wiseman highlighted that he was raising a very curious little girl.

Even though he hasn’t gone into detail as to how Lwandle’s mother died, last year on her birthday, Wiseman reflected back to the time he first learned of his baby mama’s passing.

Taking to Instagram last year on her birthday in November, Wiseman wrote, “Happy 30th birthday in heaven. The most shocking moment for me was when I heard that you were no longer with us. I was on set to shoot a scene where I buried someone.

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“I can never forget the time we have shared together and the goals that we set for our Lwandle, and I promise you that she will achieve every single one even more because I know that nawe ulidlozi elihle is upon us. You’ll always be in our hearts and will be missed forever.”

The actor’s love for his daughter is evident on his social media channels, with several father-daughter photos flooding his TL.

After the death of his first wife, he found love again and got married. The new wife has kids with him.


Wiseman Mncube is a South African actor famous for his role as Sibonelo on Uzalo. It would be distasteful to meet the on-set version of Mncube, as he is rude and unapologetic. His character, though notorious, brings the drama we all love onto our screens.

Wiseman begins his career as a stage performer. After receiving a certificate in drama from Durban University of Technology in 2011, he now works on a variety of theatrical plays. Nothing But the Truth, Have We Been Heard, and Mashu the Musical are among them.

His first leading role comes as Mfanufikile in The Kingdom-UKhakhayi, a drama series. The actor is subsequently placed in the TV telenovela Gold Diggers, and doors begin to open.


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