Yolanda’s mom: Today I’m on TV because of you,I love you my last born


Yolanda’s mom: Today I’m on TV because of you,I love you my last born

Last week’s “freeze” came with the fear factor, but this week, love and counsel came in through Biggie’s doors after freezing. The housemates were surprised with a visit from their loved ones who had words to share with the housemates.

Yolanda mom
Yolanda mom

Yolanda mom:”My child we love you as a family ,keep holding ON we believe in you and ur strength ,it’s only two weeks left hold on ,we are proud of you ,today I’m on TV because of you ,I love you my last born ”
Yolanda bowing for her Queen mother as sign of respect what an African child


Willy’s mom

Willy almost momentarily lost his freeze mode when he saw his mother, confirming his assumption when he heard his mother’s voice from the garden. She enthusiastically greeted the housemates and then affirmed her son’s game. She guaranteed him that everyone at home is fine and he must focus on his game and be happy. In the diary room, Willy shared that it was unfortunate he could not touch her, but it was a valuable visit. When he left the diary room, he told the housemates that this felt like his first ever diary session. Mama understood the assignment and nailed it!

Mpumi’s mom

Mpumi's mom

Mpumi could not hold back her tears when she saw her mother. She tried playing it cool but let out a loud howl as soon as she started speaking to her. She left her with some advice to do what she does best. “Tlhathlamolla”, mom advised, reminding her that she came into the house alone and she must focus.

This was an affirming visit for Mpumi’s game in the house, and her mom’s presence has left her feeling reinvegorated and strong. Mama said Willy should be her first target. Is she ready to shoot?

Papaghost’s sister

Papaghosts sister

Singing the happy birthday song, on entrance. PapaGhost’s sister came in with youthful energy and an outfit that made Yolanda happy. Her first comment was to Yolanda, telling her she was loud. She then briefly went to PapaGhost to advise him that his game is good but he needs to treat the ladies better like how her mama taught her.

Watch the visits thus far:

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