Young Stunna proudly displays his partner during their vacation


Young Stunna proudly displays his partner during their vacation

South African Amapiano vocalist Young Stunna and his girlfriend impressed fans with how much they enjoyed their vacation.

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South African musician Young Stunna shared a video with his girlfriend during a vacation on 17 January.

The Adiwele hitmaker has been one of the fastest-rising stars in South African music in the past five years. Young Stunna had been in music for a long time but failed to find a breakthrough in hip-hop.


His chance came with the rise of Amapiano, and he was featured in a hit song, Bopha, in 2021. Since then, he has been making hit after hit, cementing his position as one of the finest vocalists in the country. With so much fame, the talented vocalist seemed to be pocketing much.

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His latest vacation with his girlfriend showed how much he can afford luxury. After he shared the video on his Instagram, Young Stunna left fellow celebs like Nandi Madida cherishing it.

Nandi_Madida 🇿🇦 “So beautiful’


Young Stunna shared on his Instagram that he was having a memorable vacation with his girlfriend, and he made the video pleasant. Some fans even called him a storyteller after they had watched the video. He also spoke about how the vacation refilled his energy and refreshed him.

“I was tired , body , mind , and spirit rested., I will try again to be humble, love, respect, gratitude and be happy properly.” he said. “I will try again to touch your hearts, until we all heal, God is with us. The box. 🍃” he finished.


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After Young Stunna showed his girlfriend during a vacation, many fans welcomed her showing the couple some love.

Shaun Stylist “Lalela my boy ! You executed this video perfectly and amazingly”

Ligugu Lee Sibanyoni “What a relief 👏👏😂 I’m so glad you’re with a girl, even though it’s not me but a win is a win 🙌🔥❤️”

njeriih_ “😮So my baby has his baby😭though the vlog is amaizing 😍I knew he would hit the zaza 😍”

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PAIGE_SA “Yoo I owe this to myself 😍 am sure will be a stress reliever”

Lindiwe Dube “A storyteller. 🙌🏽”

Oomaya Multimedia “😭😭❤️❤️❤️Yho this song is special bra! Bravo🙌🙌Eish bro you needed the break uSebenzile nge Festive ndoda! You really worked and you gave us good Music Dawg we blessed to have you as a country! Camagu n shit!”


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