Zinhle Zuma responds to being called $ex worker in real life because of her character on Smoke & Mirrors.


Zinhle Zuma responds to being called $ex worker in real life because of her character on Smoke & Mirrors.

Upon being presented with the chance to portray a sex worker on screen, she initially had concerns about how it might impact her image and reputation.

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Despite initial disapproval from her family, actress Zinhle Zuma fearlessly embraced the role of a sex worker in Smoke and Mirrors. Her determination to constantly challenge herself has captivated her family, who are now in awe of her undeniable talent.

She recalls informing her agency that she couldn’t portray a sex worker, only to have a change of heart later on.“I always take on challenges and don’t like being comfortable. Hence, I took the role,” Zinhle said.



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The 25-year-old from Dannhauser in KZN humorously pointed out that while some individuals recognise it as mere theatrics, there are still others who fail to grasp the concept.

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“Not everyone understands. My brothers didn’t like me playing the character. They said it wouldn’t work. My mum and her friends have been supportive because they know I’m not that kind of a person,” she said.

Zinhle humorously revealed that she transforms into a different persona when she steps onto the set. She enthusiastically expressed that she is truly living her dream. Zinhle passionately stated that her ultimate goal is to captivate audiences through the power of storytelling.

“Once I do a certain role, I change and become it.Growing up, I watched Generations and wanted to be like Karabo Moroka. Even though I knew that acting was my dream, I hid it. I said I want to be a doctor, but secretly I knew I was horrible at maths, and it would be difficult for me to do medicine.I wanted to have a positive impact on people’s lives. I wanted young girls out there to look at me and say I changed their lives,” she said


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