Zola 7 returns on SA’s screens.


Zola 7 returns on SA’s screens.

We grew up watching him as he captivated the hearts of many South Africans by helping them get a better future, and after eight years Zola 7 returns to our screens.

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Zola 7, whose real name is Bonginkosi Dlamini is returning to TV with his new show Hope with Zola playing on Moja Love.


A close source told ZiMoja that Zola was busy finalising things for this show and had already had interviews with the relevant people.

“He has learned from past mistakes and this time; he wants to do things right. Everyone deserves a second chance. People loved what he did for communities. He did what the government failed to do and he became the messiah and the voice of the people.

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According to the entertainment publication, the singer had been candid about his struggles with epilepsy where he mentioned being hospitalised and not being able to work due to this.

He said that, “I have never stopped making music, it’s my passion and it motivated me,” adding, “I’ve been working on big projects, making moves and when the time is right, all will be revealed. I don’t want you to rush anything and mess it up. I’ve learned to be patient and trust God to handle the process.”

Many X (previously known as Twitter) users were excited by this news with some users saying:


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