Connie Ferguson opens up ‘My life is a movie’


Connie Ferguson opens up ‘My life is a movie’

South African actress Connie Ferguson said her life is a movie, but she vowed to continue trying hard without giving excuses.

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South African actress Connie Ferguson opened up by saying her life is a movie on 25 February.

Connie had been one of the most successful actresses in the country and had been in top drama series like Generations and The Queen. Over the years, she became more popular when she married the late actor Shona Ferguson, one of the most followed couples.


Since their early days, they publicly showed their love, dancing and singing together as a couple. After Shona’s death, Connie had been living differently and opened up about her life.

She was happy to share about her life on her Instagram.


In recent years, Connie Ferguson started hitting the gym so hard, and she has been going harder and harder. Besides working out, she had been training in boxing and improving since she started.

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“The jet setter made it to service Chai”, she started laughing. “My life is a movie right now !” she continued, sharing her feelings. “If no excuses was a person”, she finished, showing her dedication to continue with her gym.


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After Connie Ferguson said her life is a movie showing her boxing training, we watched her other gym video.

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@LADYDU “Yho 😍😍😍😍😍 can we have an action movie, please?”

@KAYISE NGQULA 🇿🇦✨ “Can’t wait to get to this level of fitness 🔥🔥🔥”

@Thabiso Dube “I think we are ready to see you as an action star now, @connie_ferguson.”

@Thato Davinch Mali “Preparing For A Movie Role?Or Just Exercise Routine?…You Floyd Mayweather’ing🔥🔥”

@Mwacha Nakazwe “Omg🙆🙆🙆she can’t be real😍how old are you, mum? You are everything I dream to be😭😭😭❤❤❤”


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